About Us

SmartCube Pre-Manufactured Data Centers



Based in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, SmartCube designs, constructs, sells and installs energy efficient Prefabricated Modular Data Centers (PMDs).  Founded in 2009, SmartCube leadership is a team of data center experts with experience across The Americas over the past 20 years.

SmartCube Benefits

SmartCubeModular Data Centers provide multiple benefits for IT and Financial decision makers including; reduced implementation time, lower CAPEX and lower OPEX along with greater technical flexibility.


Faster Implementation

SmartCubeModular Data Centers can be produced and installed faster than traditional computer rooms or data centers can be constructed.  A SmarCube Modular Data Center can be manufactured in one to three months, during which time the installation site can be prepared for the PMD.  Companies no longer have to get involved in long design and construction processes, and many times have the ability to reduce or eliminate delays related to permitting associated with fixed construction projects.  SmarCube Modular Data Centers can be fabricated, delivered to a prepared site, installed and commissioned in a few months, avoiding the 12 to 18 month lead time to construct a traditional data center.  With SmartCube, a company can respond rapidly to new business opportunities or threats.



The SmartCube Modular Data Centers can be used to significantly reduce the CAPEX associated with the addition of more data center capacity. First, SmartCube Modular Data Centers reduce the high cost associated with custom concept and design work.  Second, by using pre-manufactured units, companies reduce the amount of copper, conduit and concrete needed to deliver data center space.  They can also reduce the project complexity and replace the long, complex construction process with the speed, precision and simplicity of a manufactured approach.  By reducing the amount of materials, the prospect for error and the amount of time, companies can save on their capital expenditures by as much as 40% in base building costs..


Lower OPEX

SmartCube Pre-Manufactured Modular Data Centers use the confinement approach to reducing the amount of energy consumed when cooling the IT equipment. By concentrating cooling when and where it is needed, using energy efficient equipment and technique and by only deploying data center space when it is needed, SmartCube Modular Pre-Manufactured  Data Centers have resulted in reductions up to 45% of the total energy consumption when compared to a traditional data center.  This reduction in the single largest operating expense of a data center can have a significant impact on an organizations bottom line.



Greater Flexibility

SmartCube Pre-Manufactured Modular Data Centers can be installed on a just-in-time basis, reducing both capital and technical risk factors. Since SmartCube Pre-Manufactured Modular Data Centers can be built and installed in as little as a few months, IT and Financial decision makers, can choose the level of energy and cooling redundancy that they need for the business opportunity or problem they are trying to address at the moment. On top of this, clients can choose solutions when they can be easily and rapidly expanded without interrupting existing operations.